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Arai Quantic Dark Citizen Helmet




  • Product Description

      As with every Arai, the Quantic is formed around protection first and foremost. Manufactured by hand, the outer shell maintains core strength but with a substantial weight reduction. The smooth, round shape is a key Arai signature and primarily designed to ‘glance-off’ and spread impact forces. Using the aerodynamic and protective abilities of Arai’s full-race helmets and all the experience and know-how earned over millions of road miles, the new Quantic slips through the air neatly and efficiently, wrapping its wearer in a cocoon of luxury. It offers a fresh choice for riders that want the very best

      performance from a helmet – in terms of protection, comfort and ease of wear, day-in-day out – with zero compromise. For easy access on and off the Quantic features a 5mm flare around the base, while the VAS MAX vision visor comes with a Pinlock insert ready to use. The premium brushed nylon interior is removable and features Facial Contour System (FCS) and neck roll wire pocket. It also features Emergency Release System (ERS).

      The Quantic model has been officially approved and certified according to the ECE R22-06 standard.


      • ECE 22-06 approved
      • Penetration tested
      • Emergency Release System (ERS)


      • Outer Shell Construction: PB e-cLcOuter shell: PB e-cLc (Peripherally Belted e-Complex Laminate Construction)Emergency Release System (ERS)
      • Variable Axis System (VAS)
      • Smooth shape, better protection
      • Strong outer shell, soft inner shell
      • Double-D ring device


      • Breath guard
      • Chin Curtain (Fixed)
      • 5mm wider base
      • Neckroll wire pocket

      Ventilation & Aerodynamics

      • Comprehensive and controllable ventilation is based around 13 ventilation ports: 7 intake, 6 exhaust
      • 3D Arai logo feeds cooling air into two central intake points and works well at low speed, alongside dual F1-derived tear duct top intakes, twin brow vents and 2-position sliding air-scoop, filtered chin vent
      • Hot air is efficiently extracted via the 3-way one-piece rear exhaust/spoiler, twin flush-fit side exhausts (with foam dams to reduce noise) and neck exhaust
      • Dual tear-duct top intake vents - Drawn initially from Arai’s F1 helmet the tear-ducts maintain the airflow of the previous design with a compact, light and unobtrusive form that complements the round and smooth shell. Opened/closed by sliding to prevent water ingress.
      • Neck exhaust vent
      • Side exhausts
      • One-piece rear exhaust with spoiler function
      • Air-scoop chin vent


      • VAS Max Vision Visor with De-Mist option
      • New shield latch system
      • Pinlock insert lens


      • Premium Brushed nylon Liner material
      • Replaceable Cheek pads/Ear cups
      • Replaceable Interior
      • Speaker pockets
      • Facial Contour System (FCS)
      • 5mm “Peel Away” Temple pad
      • Washable interior

      Additional Information

      • Five times inspected
      • Handmade
      • All-day comfort
      • Organic shape
      • 5-year limited warranty
      • Different outer shells
      • Arai In-house test
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