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Cordona GP ASG Quickshifter- Blipper YZF-R1

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GP ASG Quickshifter – Blipper*

Swedish based Cordona Precision Technology have been developing motorcycle Quickshifters for many years and due to their quality function and performance, we are now seeing their systems being used in MotoGP, World Endurance and many of the domestic Superbike championships worldwide.

The latest GP ASG Quickshifter features a high sensitivity analogue sensor that is configurable in both road and race shift formats, plus their kits are made to be completely plug and play which makes them very easy to install.

Upgrading the Quickshifter on your track or road bike will greatly improve performance and feel for the rider and using our quality shifters from Cordona will certainly help reduce wear and any potential damage to your gearbox.

The strain gauge sensors used on Cordona Quickshifters are far superior than the stock OEM shifters, that can often lack feel and a longer cut time. Upgrading to a Cordona unit you will notice a superior distinct and smooth gear change performance similar to top GP and WSBK systems.

“Testing the the Cordona shifter on track with our R1 back to back with OEM unit I could straight away notice the difference in feeling and a quicker response time, the Cordona unit gave a far smoother and seamless type shift, certainly made shifting faster and kept the bike more stable when shifting gear mid corner on the side of the tyre”
James Hillier - (Isle of man TT and North West 200 winner)

For ECU’s with upshifts and auto blipper for downshifts, from advanced ECU’s as Magneti-Marelli, Motec, Mectronik, MotoGP ECUs as well as many OEM and Flashed ECU’s with analogue 0-5v input. 


  • 150mm aluminium rod, right and left uniballs, nuts an studs
  • 0-5v analogue high sensitive Strain Gauge GP ASG Superbike sensor
  • load cell technology, no moving parts in sensor
  • 5-15v DC power supply
  • analogue output to bike ECU, 2.5v (in neutral gear), range 0.5 to 4.5v
  • 20MHz processor with adaptive calibration for temperature & vibration
  • Configurable for both road / race shift function
  • Completely sealed and weather protected sensor and module
  • High precision CNC machined stainless steel housing
  • Dimensions; 45mm long, 14mm diameter
  • M6 ’magical’ threads, left and right threads in both sensor ends
  • CE mark (EMC radiated)
  • Suitable for YZF-R1 2018 < Onwards

*Special kit incl. 150mm rod for R1 YEC 2020 - The 424 Evo Special can be used for R1 2018 - 2020 with STD or YEC ECU

    Cordona GP ASG Quickshifter- Blipper YZF-R1
    Cordona GP ASG Quickshifter- Blipper YZF-R1


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